Theme For NSI 2017

Biodiversity, Traditional Food Systems and Wellness: Connecting Global Priorities

Biodiversity is considered as the foundation of human health as it underpins the functioning of the ecosystem where we all depends on the life sustaining goods and services provided by it. Sustainable use of biodiversity can provide significant benefit to human health where as biodiversity loss may potentially have grave consequences and hamper efforts to meet a range of sustainable development goals related to poverty, hunger and health. The poor and marginalised in particular the children will suffer most severely as they rely directly on biodiversity and ecosystem services for their survival. It can also have a serious impact on community traditions and livelihood centered on use of indigenous plant based foods and traditional practices that utilises a vast amount of plant and forest foods by the local communities in their dietaries and in their alternate health care practices. North East Region, a biodiversity hub, harbours more than 8000 plant species identified to have therapeutic and medicinal properties. The immense natural resources of the region can be safely harnessed by the pharmaceutical companies and food based industries to invest in safe and sustainable form of integrated medical practices to keep up with the advances in human knowledge and abreast with changing social necessities. The 49th Annual Conference of NSI will focus on connecting Global priorities i.e. Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge and wellness in the interest of public health and work towards promoting sustainable ecosystem, use of traditional knowledge for prevention and treatment of diseases where applicable. NSI provides a platform and brings together the academia, scientists, researchers, medical practitioners, therapist, dieticians, public health personals, biomedical practitioners, industries, policy makers and above all the students facilitating global movement for progressive studies and new dimensions for a wider scope of study and practice. A time has come for us to contemplate, reinvent, revitalize & rejuvenate the environment, the traditions and wellness so that it can flourish again and unifies the human knowledge and social intelligence thus creating glorious age of human health and mankind.

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