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The Nutrition Society of India (NSI) established in 1967 is an association of nutrition professionals, programmers and policy makers from India and abroad. The society is dedicated to disseminate the results of the latest research in nutrition – basic and applied aspects; analyse the current status of nutrition programmes in the country and recommend appropriate strategies to promote nutrition of the community at large.The NSI, through its annual meetings provides a forum for young scientists to present their research findings. NSI is the recognized Indian representative of International Union Nutritional Sciences (IUNS), through the adhering body, Indian National Science Academy (INSA), and Federation of Asian Societies of Nutrition HEAD QUARTERS The headquarters of the Society is located at the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. The NSI has 34 zonal chapters in different parts of the country. It has about 2000 Life Members and 200 ordinary and 500 student members. For more details, visit:

NSI Conference 2017

I am extremely happy that the Nutrition Society of India has considered our university suitable to hold the 49th Annual Conference with an associated theme for discussion on "Biodiversity, Traditional Food Systems and Wellness: Connecting Global priorities" from 2nd to 4th November 2017. I also congratulate the Department of Food Science & Nutrition of Faculty of Home Science/ Community Science for being able to impress upon the society about the facilities in the University to host such a conference where around 1000 delegates are expected. Home Science now renamed as Community Science is an important area of Science not only for safe guarding the social value system but also for developing and injecting novel technologies right from food and nutritional quality improvement to reducing drudgery among farm women with the sole intention of preparing highly skilled women entrepreneurs and service providers to make the home, society and the globe a peaceful and technologically empowered place for innovation and growth. The theme chosen for the conference is also very timely, since the traditional foods i.e. a mixture of cultivated and fortified foodstuff with the bio resources is likely to be an answer to the negative impact of the increasingly consumed so called modern foods which have been reported to be unfriendly to health. How best these traditional foods are given the touch of modernity by way of proper processing, packing and branding to capture the attention of present day consumers particularly in the metropolis shall be an issue to deliberate/discuss for framing "way ahead" road map, identifying the role and contribution of private players therein. While complementing our teachers & staffs from the Department of Food Science & Nutrition as well as from the faculty of Community Science of our University and also thanking the President and other Office bearers of Nutrition Society of India, I wish the conference all success and a pleasant stay of the delegates coming from different parts of the country.

K.M. Bujarbaruah

SJRI Division of Nutrition

The Division of Nutrition established in 1985 has many research interests. These include developmental biology and nutrition, requirement of macro and micro nutrients across life cycle, clinical nutrition, body composition assessment, sarcopenia and metabolic flexibility and stable isotopic methods in nutrition. The Division has over the last 25 years become a centre of excellence in human physiological and biochemical research. It also has begun to use molecular and epidemiological methods in order to study problems from a cell-to-society perspective. The research from the Division, particularly the energy and amino acid requirements of humans, has been used as core evidence in setting guidelines for requirements. The Division of Nutrition is also an IAEA collaborative center. The Clinical Nutrition unit of the division also provides nutritional and lifestyle advice for the patients of St. John’s Medical College Hospital. The patients are referred to the clinic either by self referral or from other departments. A complete nutritional assessment is conducted on the patients following which individualized dietary advice is provided. Dietary plan for specialized tube feeds and parenteral nutrition are also provided by the unit. The Division of Nutrition is presently headed by Prof. Anura Kurpad, Past President of NSI.

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